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To; Me (Ebook)

To; Me (Ebook)

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This book serves as a compassionate and practical guide designed to support individuals who have traversed the harrowing terrain of trauma and pain, helping them transcend feelings of stagnation. It offers a comprehensive array of coping strategies to facilitate the healing process, while simultaneously emphasizing that healing is an ongoing, day-by-day journey. Acknowledging that setbacks are an inherent part of this journey, it underscores the importance of resilience and determination, inspiring readers to persevere and give their utmost commitment to their personal healing and growth.


Any-one going through hurt, trauma, pain, feeling stuck and worthless


Let me start off by saying thank you so much. For taking the time out of your precious day to better and equip yourself with the proper knowledge from this book.The path to healing and becoming the best versions of ourselves starts with us being self aware. Self awareness isn't always fun but rather it is a necessity.Throughout this book we will be unfolding lies, giving tips on how to heal and grow and most importantly why we need to take accountability. It will be a rocky ride but at the end you will feel refreshed and thankful for doing it.

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Customer Reviews

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Sumayyah Hackett

To; Me (Ebook)

Paula F.
Very Empowering

It is a book I highly recommend all woman to read. The powerful quotes and advices were so accurate that we tend to overlook them in our everyday life. It made me realize to start embracing and loving myself for who I am and not what others want me to be.

Highly recommended

Trisha Bose
Precious’s book

This book was very well written minus a few wording mistakes. But disregarding the errors with wording to help make more sense this book was actually very good to read and was very informative. It’s especially good for teenagers and young adults who are looking to settle in life and the book gave helpful tips especially for teenage girls and young women. If you’re looking to find out what you want and even need in life as a person then this book is for you. Spread the word people!

From tiktok

She came across my fyp and when she talked about her growth I was curious to learn more. I love this book, very wise words from a beautiful soul