About Author

Making waves in dismantling generational long societal stigmas imposed on women, Precious Fregene advocates for self-care and healing. She passionately pursues knowledge about self-care, while challenging social narratives on her quest for self-discovery. Unwavering in her dedication, Precious shines a light on the significance of living a fulfilled life.

Through her platform, she debunks stereotypes, brings awareness to a lot of overlooked red flags and speaks on the importance that healing has. Promoting mental, emotional, and physical health is a priority for her as she urges others to fully love themselves.


Her messages of inspiration deeply touches those seeking personal growth and empowerment. By genuinely and tirelessly advocating for positive change, she is leading the charge in creating a society that values inclusivity and compassion. This society celebrates self-care and empowers women to fully embrace their worth and authenticity.