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45 Minute Consultation

45 Minute Consultation

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With her nurturing and compassionate demeanor, Precious Fregene warmly welcomes participants into a transformative 45 minute long session, this is a safe space for exporation and vulnerability. We can discuss topics ranging from self-discovery, personal growth, and relationship advice (details regarding domestic violence is such a complex scale so if you have issues pertaining to that speak to the National Domestic Violence Hotline , their number is 800-799-7233) (lastly details regarding suicidal thoughts is not my area of expertise so please contact a professional from the suicide lifeline their number is 988)

Guiding you through thought-provoking questions on relationship challenges and fostering self-love, this session commences as you embark on a journey towards becoming the best version of yourself. Embrace your unique strengths as you confront limiting beliefs through introspective exercises.

Armed with valuable insights, participants will leave the session feeling empowered and inspired, with practical tools to nurture self-esteem and build healthier connections. These strategies offer a unique approach that can be applied in personal growth journeys. Booking a session with Precious Fregene will an enriching experience, igniting a profound sense of self-awareness and fostering a newfound commitment to personal well-being and authentic relationships.

*If possible please kindly let me know your topic of interest prior to your session via email*

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